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Michael Meeropol : ‘L’Affaire Kushner’ at New York’s City University

Tony Kushner. Photo by Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters.L’Affaire Kushner:Give and take at theCity University of New York CUNY awards honorary doctorate to playwright Tony Kushner, takes it away, then — after ‘firestorm’ of protest — gives it back. By Michael Meeropol / … Continue reading

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Michael Meeropol : Islamophobia and the ‘Two Americas’

‘Islam in Two Americas’: Times piece reflects pernicious xenophobia The implication… is that when Americans display anti-Muslim bigotry — as in the past they had been anti-semitic, anti-Catholic, anti-Mormon, anti-immigrant — it makes for a quick and more complete assimilation… … Continue reading

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Michael Meeropol : Business Unites to Fight Workers’ Rights

Virtually the entire organized business lobbying apparatus is united in attempting to convince the public that the Employee Free Choice Act is a terrible blow against workers’ rights. By Michael Meeropol / The Rag Blog / March 5, 2009 The … Continue reading

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Fixing the Economy : A Comprehensive Plan from Progressive Economists

We deny that there is any conflict between the need to get the economy moving again by creating jobs, and the long term goals of green technologies, national health insurance, and a fairer distribution of income. In fact, higher wages … Continue reading

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Obama and the Left : Shout Loud and Clear

Paraphrasing Joe Hill: ‘Don’t mourn Obama’s leanings — organize to push him the other way…’‘I think to a large extent, we ought to stop discussing whether Obama is being “good” or “bad” and focus on the POLICIES we want his … Continue reading

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