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American Health Care : A Plague on the Sick and Infirm

Image from The Seattle Times.Reform coming to a vote:The Black Death and health care in AmericaBy Dr. Stephen R. Keister / The Rag Blog / March 17, 2010 In October of 1347 a ship docked in Messina, Sicily, after picking … finish reading American Health Care : A Plague on the Sick and Infirm

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There’s No Sizzle in the Air

Goodbye 2007 and Good Riddance! Hello 2008 and You’d Better Shape UpBy ALEXANDER COCKBURN It was the … No! 2007 was never the best of times. It was a whiny, fretful twelve months, and what should have been a time … finish reading There’s No Sizzle in the Air

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Being Logical About Iran

Fact Sheets of Iran-US Standoff: Twenty Reasons against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iranby CASMIIMay 11, INTRODUCTION Four years since the US-UK led illegal invasion of Iraq, which has brought the ongoing catastrophe for Iraqi people, all peace loving … finish reading Being Logical About Iran

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War and Hope, Part III

This is the next-to-last part of the conversation. I will wind it up tomorrow sometime. My heartfelt gratitude and admiration to the participants in this chat who allowed it to be posted here. Richard Jehn — As far as I … finish reading War and Hope, Part III

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